LTF Launches New Framework to Support Primary Care Organisations

The LTF, in conjunction with The Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM),
has today launched a report which provides a framework to support primary care
organisations following the death by suicide of a colleague.

Written by Professor Gail Kinman, Birkbeck, University of London and Dr Rebecca Torry, an experienced GP and trustee of The LTF, the report draws on interviews
with people working in GP practices who have personal experiences of a death by suicide
within their team. It includes a review of best practice from other bodies and provides
suicide ‘postvention guidelines’ in the form of useful practical advice.  It’s recommendations include includes proposals for timely and appropriate support to be
put in place to help people and organisations recover.

Dr Alex Freeman, General Practitioner and Chair of the LTF said:

“Death by suicide is thankfully an uncommon event in General Practice – but what happens
when it is one of your own? How do individuals and practices cope, and what support should
be available to help them through the difficult time following the death by suicide of a member
of the practice team? Building on the experiences of individuals who have been through
this devastating scenario, this new report describes the difficulties faced and presents a
framework of actions. It highlights a number of challenges for those diverse organisations who
commission, represent and support practices, and who should be in a position to assist, for
both the short and long term. These challenges must be addressed.”

You can read the LTF and SOM’s joint press release here and download the full report here.