Walkers Wanted!

WANTED – Volunteers to walk on behalf of the LTF on the Walking out of Darkness events over the course of the coming months. CLASP (Counselling, Life Advice and Suicide Prevention) is organising 10 mile walks in seven locations around England between May and October (London, Nottingham, York, Brighton, Bristol, Norwich and Birmingham). We would love to see supporters of the LTF well represented at each of the events – its a great chance to promote awareness both of the charity and suicide prevention generally while enjoying a walk in some lovely locations. Do please let us know if you intend to take part and raise funds in sponsorship for the LTF! You can find more details of the walks on the link below. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/walking-out-of-darkness-2018…walking-out-of-darkness-walk-battersea-park-13-may-2017-11-3 walking-out-of-darkness-walk-south-bank-13-may-2017-11-11