Posted on 13 Apr 20 in News Uncategorized

The Louise Tebboth Foundation was established specifically to support the mental wellbeing of doctors. Never can there have been a time when this is more necessary than during the current crisis as staff across the NHS find themselves working under unprecedented pressure and in the most stressful of circumstances in order to save the lives of our loved ones.

We are therefore pleased to have been able to made a donation of £500 to the Intensive Care Society to help them provide  mental health and well being support to the staff working on the front line in intensive care. Dr Alex Freeman, the Chair of the LTF said:

This is an incredibly challenging time for front line staff in the NHS and in other essential services. We at the Louse Tebboth Foundation, and in keeping with our mission to focus on the mental wellbeing of the profession, have decided to make a donation from our funds to the Intensive Care Society in order to help and support their work, particularly in the area of staff wellbeing, and in recognition of the professionally and emotionally difficult tasks all those currently working in ICUs are undertaking with the most critically ill of patients.

You can find out more about the Intensive Care Society’s Fundraising Appeal here.