Posted on 30 Nov 21 in News

The RCGP is supporting a small number of practices where a senior member has died suddenly.

This pilot proposal, funded by NHS England, will support a small number of practices in the immediate period following the sudden death of a key member. In this instance, a key member refers to a partner or practice manager whose impact on the practice is considered to be critical.

The RCGP have selected a small team of advisers from its Primary Care Development programme and trained them to provide practical operational support and be a voice for the practice as they navigate a difficult and destabilising time. This work is supported by the mental health service provided by Practitioner Health.

This support is provided at no cost to the practice.

The report on and framework for responding to the death of a colleague, produced by the Society of Occupational Medicine and the LTF, has supported this initiative.

You can find out more about the pilot at: