RCGP Sudden Bereavement Pilot

From 2021, the RCGP are running a small pilot to support GP practices following the sudden death of a colleague. Find out more here.

The Practitioner Health Programme/GP Health Service

The Practitioner Health Programme/GP Health Service is a confidential, NHS treatment service for doctors, dentists and other health professionals who are unable to access confidential care through mainstream NHS routes due to the nature of their role and/or health condition.

The services were designed to be a free and confidential service for individuals working or looking to return to clinical practice in England who are suffering with a mental health concern, including stress or depression, or an addiction issue.

These services can help doctors, and dentists and other health professionals with a range of issues including:

PHP/GPH is aware that doctors, dentists and other health professionals often find it difficult to access mainstream mental health or addictions services due to fears that they will not receive a truly confidential service. As a patient of the services patients have the right to request that your status as a practitioner patient of the service is known only to them and the service.

Doctors and Dentists in London can access PHP services via self-referral. Other areas/professions will need to use their local out of area referral route.

Any GP or GP Trainee in England can self-refer to the GP Health Service.

For more information visit php.nhs.uk or http://gphealth.nhs.uk/The Doctors Support Network   The Doctors’ Support Network (DSN) is a fully confidential, friendly peer support group for doctors and medical students with mental health concerns including stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, psychoses and eating disorders.

The DSN believes that contact with and support from other medics can help recovery. All DSN members have either themselves been troubled at some stage in their lives or support the aims of the organisation.

The DSN is currently the only independent body representing doctors with non substance use related, mental health conditions in the UK. ​ The DSN actively campaigns to improve mental health care for doctors and is involved in consultations (representing an informed user view) with professional organisations such as the General Medical Council.

The Cameron Fund

The Cameron Fund is the GPs’ own charity. It is the only medical benevolent fund that
solely supports general practitioners and their dependents. The charity provides support to GPs and their families in times of financial need, whether through ill-health, disability, death or loss of employment. It helps those who are already suffering from financial hardship and those
who are facing it.

BMA Wellbeing Support Services

The BMA’s Wellbeing support services consist of confidential Counselling and Peer support, and are available to all doctors and medical students in the UK, regardless of BMA membership. They are accessed by calling 0330 123 1245 and the phone line is open 24/7 for ease of access. Both services are telephone/video based and free of charge.

The Counselling service offers up to six sessions and all counsellors are registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. The Peer support service provides a confidential space for doctors to talk things through with another doctor who is experienced in supporting colleagues.

You can find out more here:  https://www.bma.org.uk/advice/work-life-support/your-wellbeing/counselling-and-peer-support